We did it, Rockstarrs!

We made it through another year. How you view this year matters not. It’s over and done with. Focus on your NOW so that your future now is amazing, awesome, and abundant!

This year, I was able to read 32 books! Most were audio books, as I’m always on the go, but they all contributed to my growth this year in one way or another. In case you’re looking for some good reads to develop yourself personally or professionally here are the books that helped me tremendously this year:

The Millionaire Mind – Thomas Stanley, Ph.D.
Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Richard Carlson, Ph.D.
Radical Self Love – Gala Darling
We’re Going to Need More Wine – Gabrielle Union
Succulent Wild Woman – Sark
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
Welcome to My Breakdown – Benilde Little
Excuses Begone – Dr. Wayne Dyer
The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz, Ph.D.
Hurricane (Shameless plug, but I did read it!) – Diamond Cartel
Happy Women Live Better – Valorie Burton
The 4 Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
The 5th Agreement – Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz
Unshakeable – Tony Robbins
The Golden Rule – Ilene Cooper
The 4 Hour Work Week (Expanded Edition) – Tim Ferriss
Into the Magic Shop – James Doty, M.D.
As I Die Slowly (Yet another shameless plug!) – Diamond Cartel
Men, Women, & Worthiness – Brené Brown
Money: Master the Game – Tony Robbins
E3 – Pam Grout
Real Money Answers for Every Woman – Patrice Washington
Abundance Now – Lisa Nichols
See You at the Top – Zig Ziglar
Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success – Steve Harvey
Sisterly Bond (:o>) – Diamond Cartel
Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life – Steven Hayes, Ph.D.
The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish
What I Know for Sure – Oprah Winfrey
The 12 Week Year – Brian Morgan & Michael Lennington
I already have nine books on deck for 2019! Let me put this disclaimer out there. It’s not just enough to read the books. You must find what resonates with you and APPLY it to your life on a DAILY basis! This isn’t and one-and-done process, people! It takes time to incorporate all of this goodness. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I, too, am still applying some of these principles. Know what you want, find support in your literature, and apply it rigorously and diligently until it becomes second nature. Do that and I assure you every future NOW moment in 2019 will be amazing!

Now go forth and create a magical year!

Anchored in Love,

Coach B

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