LiveCoach is the largest online coaching platform in the world.

Coaching can be applied in all the areas of life, and we have so far witnessed numerous people changing their careers, love lives, and reaching personal goals through coaching. Since coaching inspires us, we have decided to set up an annual scholarship competition aimed at students.

We truly believe anyone can benefit from coaching, so we didn’t set a limit on where you have to be from. By enrolling in our program and writing an essay on reaching a goal, you will have the chance to win $2,000.

How to apply:

Write an essay that’s at least 1,000 words long telling us about the time you’ve reached a very important goal. Alternatively, you can write about a goal you are trying to reach now or some time in the future.

Send the essay to with a subject “Reaching a Goal Essay”

We require:

-That you haven’t won the competition last year
-That your essay is of the desired length and saved in PDF format
-That you can prove you’re currently enrolled in a school (we’ll check this)

We promise not to share your info with any third parties unless we have your permission. You agree to let us share the article you sent on our website.

The deadline for this project is December 20, 2017. We will be announcing the winner on the same day. The winner will be contacted for details about receiving the prize.

We know that students have to navigate a complex stack of skills required in order to be successful, and so we admire students who have reached ambitious goals, despite not having all the resources and support at this early stage of their professional careers. Building the right relationships is very important for student success. That’s why we offer relationship coaching that students can access for free for 7 days. Another area students often struggle with is finances. Applying for financial aid, or even choosing the profession that will allow students to accumulate enough wealth to reach their material future goals can be tricky. Our excellent wealth coaches can be found in our wealth coaching section.

Finally, whether in an academic context, or in the context of working for industry, no skill is more important and underdeveloped as communication. We have some of the best coaches that will help students with communication coaching. Students can use their 7 day free trial to talk over phone or video with as many communication coaches as they want for free.

6 thoughts on “Anouncing our new $2000 scholarship program”

  1. Hello

    I would like to submit my completed essay but don’t see mention of when submissions can be sent. I know the deadline is December. If I were to submit it now, would it be kept on file?

    My thanks in advance.

    Tamara La Posta

    1. Hi Tamara,

      You can submit the essay to It will be kept on file if you submit it now, and the time of submission has no effect on your chance to win.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Good luck,
      The LiveCoach team

  2. Can current High School Seniors submit for this Scholarship? My daughter knows where she wants to attend college and is looking for scholarships already. Thank you.

  3. I am currently a high school senior. I am looking to win scholarships for the fall 2018 semester. Do
    I qualify to write an essay for this scholarship? Thank you

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