A Introduction by:
coach Earnest-Evolved Williams 1. P.E.C.
A personal experience coach helps you to bring together ideas from different disciplines.
Throughout my personal experiences I’ve analyzed how people deal with the process pressures of past problems, present struggles and Future uncertainties.  A personal experience coach is someone who puts emphasis on how we need to put ourselves in new situations to see things differently and boost creativity. Personal experience coaching is a sort of “how to” re-introduce yourself to the better you! 
Bespirigetic is a limited liability company that serves as a vessel for facilitating the necessary keys to achieving the true you story you were created to tell, live and give to the world! A personal experience coach helps you to check your decision making process to improve the quality.
Like the beautiful dragonfly mascot we call, “Sky Dancer,” who symbolizes our purposeful energy, and our passionate Force for the wonderful self development and spiritual life fulfillment our magnificent creator called,”you!” We are team you! A personal experience coach helps you to schedule an appointment with yourself to brainstorm: a stream of consciousness not bound by usual categories. It is helpful to know consciously and specifically what your goals are.
Several years now, it has been my desire to delve deep into the functions of a human’s strengths and productively use our weaknesses as a way to measure our true limitations and Trust the one true Living God to help us exceed them.  A personal experience coach helps guide the client to finding balance in work, enjoying life, and learning from personal experiences.
Painstakingly, I’ve tried and I’ve experienced different means, methods, and techniques to accomplish this but to no avail! Individually nothing worked! But combined and synergized together they became something powerful I called, “personal experience coaching!” A personal experience coach helps you to recognize your needs, ideals, passions, and talents and focus them all to go in the same direction.
This led to a journey and many hours of study in research of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual culture of the self. A personal experience coach helps you to organize a personal systematic decision making process that leads to better and more effective decisions.
Constantly adjusting a sharpening the plans like an athletic coach does with his plays in hopes of turning his players into champions! Winners! Goal oriented successful individuals! A personal experience coach helps you to learn how to learn more about yourself and others.
The agreement is this, in that mirror you reflect me! And in this mirror I reflect you! A personal experience coach helps you to become aware of active choices and helps you to decide what’s in your best interest, and what furthers your future story and what doesn’t. Thank you!

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