1- Practice Kindness:
Any kind of kindness towards family members, strangers in the street, colleagues at work. Kindness increase your level of compassion, and your capacity of being of service to others.

2- Practice Gratitude:
If you start to trade your expectations for appreciation, you will start to focus on every little thing in your life that makes you feel good. You suddenly shift your perspective to be present for beauty, what’s working in your life and increasing the level of positivity. If you can really practice feeling grateful you will attract miracles. Close your eyes, and really feel that gratitude in your body. As you start to feel it imagine a energy expanding to every cells, to every part of your surrounding. Practice this feeling and recall it few times a day.

3- Practice Compassion:
Compassion starts with yourself. When you start being committed to yourself and your growth, you don’t need anymore to be harsh or judge yourself. You can see yourself as perfect though the lens of love. You can show up every day of your life with the intention of being your best. Knowing that your best is not same today as tomorrow. Every day you can recommit yourself, and show up as perfect

4- Practice Laughing:
Laughing is good for your soul, for your spirit. It helps raising your vibrations, and entertain and expand the “feel good” feeling. Your energy gets higher and you attract more laugh. This is one of the best therapy ever, and it costs nothing. You can learn how to laugh at yourself.

5- Practice Learning:
The minute you start learning, the minute you stop growing and evolving. Your brain needs to be stimulated. You need to learn new things and create new neuro pathways in your brain. Otherwise you are on a closed circuit brain, and you will end up recreating the same experience. Your future becomes predictable.

I can add many things to the list, but it’s definitely a great start.

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