Who, Or What Controls Me? Is It Really Me?

by Coach Scott Shakespeare

This is a longer than average article, but I guarantee it is worth every second of your time.  

“As a new school year approaches, teachers, students, parents, friends, peers are each anticipating its arrival differently. To realize this fact is where we each should begin. This article was written and posted originally 2 days prior to the MSD High School Shooting in FL. It was for a few students from that school who were learning to think differently, to elevate their own thought, from this Free Thinker. Please share it, and begin to understand!”

“There is Nothing Either Good or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So.” W. Shakespeare

A letter to a Friend,

Our technology today is very helpful when it is applied for the purpose of helping each one of us accomplish more good things for all of us. When it is not used for that purpose, it can be harmful.

We must all be aware and know what’s filling our own thoughts these days, realize that each one of us controls what goes in, and what comes out. Your mind is in place to determine your own choice of everything that’s presented to you. Use it, don’t let it use you.

Your mind is unlimited, unless you limit it. Do you think your thoughts, your mind defines your life? Meaning simply that what we think makes each of us who we are? If your answer is yes, then how do you define your own mind? As opinions go, we each one, here is mine.

Mind is the primal element, and thinking is mind’s activity. Therefore, mind and its thinking are one, producing an action, or an activity resulting in substance, which can be substantial. So then, your mind and its thinking must be the basis, the foundation of your life.

Everything that seems to exist in the world today proceeds from your thinking, causing an action, or activity for “it” to exist. Thinking “it” to be, is what your consciousness, your current state of being at this present moment, your thought, makes “it” your own perceived reality, this then is your life.

Without mind would there be an “it” that could exist? No, there would be nothing, void, dark, no action, no activity, because there would be nothing to think with. Each one of us has the opportunity every day to choose who we are, so know who you are, but be very aware of what is going into your own consciousness, through your own thought process.

Your consciousness is filled with an unlimited amount of everything ever thought of, everything you’ve ever seen, heard, tasted, smelled and touched is presented to you continuously into your own conscious thought process. This activity is always going on, every moment of every day, and night. You are told by everyone that you know, and by everything that you’ve ever read, including this letter, that you are in control, that every choice, and what you think, and how you think is yours, and your opinion is your own. Have you actually questioned if this is true or not?

In today’s environment we are always being entertained and influenced,being told, and programmed by all the available pieces of technology, their platforms, and the individuals producing the topics being discussed. We are being swayed from one side, or to the other, to consciously or unconsciously make a decision. For those individuals participating within a discussion in support of, or against one side, it seems that the majority typically wins. No matter the premise of the topic, its discussion, debate, and outcome are actually creating a division, which forces a choice to be made to one side, or the other. The presence of the discussion could be good, but the facts within the topic being discussed, becomes the bigger question, are the facts true.

All of these different opinions being expressed from each side, seems to surround us at all times. Your mobile phone is always at hand, being heard, looked at, and read, and then you choose to participate or not in these discussions, sometimes for hours per day. At some point, each one of us cannot help but to fill up to the brim of our own tolerance with information overload. It is very difficult not to be affected by this continuous stream of information.

The push for a choice to be made by you becomes the issue, your peers, business associates, friends, and family wanting you to choose a side, most of the time their side. Little by little if you allow it, or even if your choice is to just give in, their belief can and will become your belief. If we choose to ignore the entire discussion, yet we’ve heard it, or seen it, and decided not to choose a side right now, or maybe never. Now you’re leaving it as an open subject in your mind unresolved, or maybe your choice is, I have no time to think about it, then it becomes also, unresolved, because you know about it.

With the topics you choose to ignore, unsure of the side you would favor, these unresolved thoughts do have a tendency to add up, most of the time you can’t even detect them, consciously you’ve forgotten about them. When these unresolved thoughts decide to show themselves, they do so as stress, or impatience, panic, anger, even fear, because confusion entered in, the thought of division, this activity stems from these unresolved issues. This produces unwanted actions that seem to come out of nowhere, but they’re coming from you, and it seems you are not in control at that point. Remember that your mind and its thinking produced an action, either good, or bad. The action is always produced.

These platforms are non-stop presentations from social media, news, politics, commercials, inclusive of dramas, advice both professional and from personal opinions, passed around with no one really knowing or even questioning whether they are true or false. It has gotten to a point that it’s hard to know, or even determine what is true, or real. When even the platforms themselves don’t seem to care, most are simply making their supportive ad money, their company profits from the traffic generated, or the product sold, the more dramatic the topic, the more response to the discussion. 

You must be actively aware that these platforms are feeding your own consciousness. The availability of all this information has now become your own studio style environment, you’ve become separated, sound proofed, without a volume or tuning control, and no user guide. Your thoughts, emotions, factual information, and even your entire physiology has been, and continues to be completely influenced by an overflowing of technology feeds directly into you and everyone around you.

When many of us were younger, in our single digit age, meaning those of us over 55 years old today, we had a more controlled environment of outside influences, because the media influences were few, basic TV, radio and also print. The balance of our own educational learning and experiences combined with the limited influences of these media sources in that period of time, which made detecting them in our own thought process much easier.

To filter them out, or into our thought process as we each wanted to, or needed to, was truly our choice. Most importantly, we had the time to do it, to process it without additional distractions of a continuous flow of every kind of information from every type of media presence available. In hindsight, that time period has turned out to have a responsibility factor, from the lack of its technology, when it’s viewed in comparison to the mass social and media technology of today, and how it’s being used.

Today, the amount of information coming at us in real-time is massive, and very difficult to sort through in the same real-time that its being delivered to us. So, we all end up “putting it aside” per se, in our own thought, because we have “no time to think about it right now”. Now we know what this action creates. We each have the opportunity to choose, but only if we take the time, then determine if its right for us to believe in its validity or not. Then we either allow these outside influences into, or discard them out of our thought process.

So, stop! Slow down the incoming information, take control, and don’t type or speak until you have made a true choice for yourself. Your own thinking always determines your responses, your feelings, your actions, which defines who you are throughout each and every day.

What we choose or not choose must be recognized, and dealt with, we must be aware of the influence of all sources of information, and not just allow it to mesmerize, or control us without a thought to it.

We each must actually determine if it belongs in us as our own opinion, as part of us, at all. If you permit these outside sources of influence into your thought, and except its validity at face value, you have no idea if the information is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad. At that point, you have given up.

Instead, engage your own thought process and allow yourself to take the time and the necessary steps to determine the validity of all the subject matter in the online discussions, from any commercial, or from any media feed, even any in-person conversation. Don’t knowingly, or unknowingly let go of your own freedom of choice.

There is so much more depending on your own correct choices, because everyone else that you know and interact with on a daily basis, is also in this same environment, experiencing all of these exact same factors as you are.

This is actually good, if we can each recognize, and share in our own thought that our atmosphere, our environment, is truly within, and on the same platform, then we can each help each other, and our action becomes one of unity, and not division. There are no disabilities, no divisions, no limitations, so don’t make any for yourself. Just realize that everyone is differently-able, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, we all think with one mind, hopefully, that mind being our own, and that makes us each individual.

So, when you lay your head on your pillow tonight, clear all of your unresolved thoughts that were added from the day, resolve them. Then sleep, because you can, and wake in the morning knowing that it’s a good day.

Your friend,

Scott Shakespeare

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