We’re proud to announce LiveCoach Free, a service we launched today, which allows coaches to use LiveCoach with their own clients and keep 100% of your earnings. It is an integral part of our larger vision which I wanted to share with you in this blog post.

But first, here’s how it works:

We have generated a unique link for each coach. When a coach sends clients to your unique link, they won’t be able to see or hire any other coach on the platform. They also skip the welcome page and go straight to the chat screen of the coach whose link they visited. To get their link, coaches can log into the platform, visit their account page, and go to the LiveCoach Free section.

If a client pays with a debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay, the coach gets to keep 100% of their earnings. If they use a credit card, there is a 2.9% + 30c transaction fee that is charged by the credit card companies (but is the lowest in the industry).

We also launched calendar sync – a module that lets coaches dynamically sync their calendars with LiveCoach, so clients can only book calls in times that work for you. They can specify what are your working hours, and sync any external calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook and others) in a way that will only allow clients to book calls in times when the coach is free. The coach only has to sync their calendar once, and then every appointment you put on it will automatically block that time slot on LiveCoach.

If you are currently using other paid services, switching will be a no brainer. However, you might ask – why should you use LiveCoach Free instead of your current setup? This brings me to our vision.

Our vision is building a platform where a coach earns more on LiveCoach than an equally competent coach that doesn’t use the platform.

We intend to reach this goal in 2 steps:
Step 1. Better matching to convert more trial clients to paying
Step 2. Better coaching to increase your average revenue per client

The first step is about gathering verified client feedback and tying it back to the coaching topic this client needed help with. This will allow our system to understand what you are truly good at, and over time refer clients who need help with the exact area of expertise that you are good at. This will result in a higher conversion rate from free calls or text messages to paying clients. The data our algorithms utilize for this stage is both explicit – ratings that users leave, and implicit – how long did they work with you, did they refer friends, etc…

The second step is the main reason why we started this platform. We have some of the best artificial intelligence engineers working for us, and are already starting to see some patterns in the data that will increase coach earnings over time. When we launch our mobile app, we will be able to gather even more data points about the user. With enough patterns emerging, our algorithms will be able to generate actionable tips for you that will allow you to achieve better outcomes with your clients, which will translate into higher earnings for coaches on the platform (you can charge more per hour or retain clients for longer).

By the way, we’re certain that artificial intelligence will never be able to replace a good coach, but just like these systems are used to improve the performance of doctors, we believe that they will be very valuable to coaches.

The bottom line is – the more you use the system, the better your outcomes will be as a coach. If you use LiveCoach Free, the algorithms will have more data to train on, and so you will get more benefits from these 2 steps compared with other coaches that don’t use it.

We hope you enjoy LiveCoach Free. Please let us know if you have any questions.