Every year right after the New Year many people consider this time to be the best time to set your goals for the year. While it does make sense but you should have your goals written down an treat it like a living document. It should always be updated.
Setting your goals at the beginning of the year is something a lot of people do. This will give you a chance to reflect on the past year. Take some time and think of every accomplishment you achieved. Sometimes you might feel like there isn’t anything significant that you achieved. If so, write out all the things you are grateful for in your life. It could be as simple as “I am grateful for waking up today”
Reflect on everything you are grateful for. Understand that you have many reasons to be happy and grateful for.

Writing SMART goals
What do I mean about SMART? We are going to use smart as an acronym

S will be for Specific
Make your goal specific by asking questions with a “W”
What do I want to accomplish?
Why is this important to me?
What resources or limits are involved?
Where is it located?

M is for measurable
It is important you make it measurable so you can see the progress and helps keep you motivated by seen progress. A measurable goal should address how much? or how many?

A is for Achievable
Your goals should be realistic and attainable. Ask yourself can you achieve this goal?

R is for Relevant
Make sure your goals are important to you. Ask yourself is this goal right for me. Is it the right time?

T is for Time Bound
You must give a realistic time frame. By doing this it creates a priority and shows importance to you. Although your goals should be a living document and if you don’t hit your goal in the time you set minor adjustments can be made

Long Term Goals

Let’s start out with long term goals and we will work our way back. Think about where do you expect yourself to be in 5 years or 10 years. Make sure that your goal is tangible something that you can measure and see progress. Make sure it is specific as possible. the more specific the better. So specific that you can visually see it in your mind. You want to almost feel it. I will start with an example. Say for instance you want to buy a house in 5 years. If we get specific I would want to start thinking of the city. How many rooms do you expect? So like I want a 5 bedroom one story single family residence. I want to have 2 bathrooms with a 2 car garage. I want to get a big backyard for my dog. I want to find a brown home and prefer a corner home since I know corner homes are generally the biggest homes on a block. SO we want to make sure we write it out completely. Write it out in the present tense. You also want to put a specific time and/or date like this
“In 5 years by January, I have a 5 bedroom single story brown single family residence with 2 bathrooms and a two car garage in the city of Pasadena.”

Short term goals

Let’s figure out what is it going to take for me to put myself in a position in 5 years to achieve my long term goals. If you need to save money you should write how much and how much you need to put away each check. If you need to eliminate debt write it out. Like maybe you need to pay off a furniture bill. put a time frame that you want to have this bill paid off. Write it out like this
In 1 year and a half, my Steve’s furniture bill of $350 will be paid off by paying 30 dollars each paycheck.Go ahead and start off with 5 goals and you might be amazed how writing out these goals will give you a better chance to achieve them. One example I can show you is how I achieved my goal of creating my sales training website https://perfecttraining101.com
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