by Coach Sheryl Melanson

We generally do the best we can to manage our beautiful, messy, wonderful lives. But sometimes, we can get lost in a logjam of unhealthy thought, behavior, or relationship patterns, until we begin to notice that maybe we could use some help.

Perhaps “stuck” describes how YOU have been feeling lately. Could your life use a tune-up? Is your inner dialogue holding you back?

Because the human brain is wired for negativity bias to keep you alerted to potential threats and preserve the status quo, an experienced coach can offer honest, insightful feedback to help you:

1) Identify what matters most to YOU.

2) Learn from setbacks and overcome obstacles.

3) Reinforce inner resources.

4) Stay on track until new habits are installed.

Goals that don’t represent your values are often unsustainable and unfulfilling. Just as a chiropractor might assist in realigning your spine, being clear on your values will help to realign your lifestyle and sense of purpose. So, I invite you to spend time on identifying your values first. Only then can you map out goals and action steps that line up with who you are and what you want.


●  Life feels disorganized or out of control.

●  Your inner critic is getting the best of you.

●  You feel lost, overwhelmed, or uninspired. 

●  You feel stuck ​in an unhealthy relationship​.

● You are at a crossroads in life.

●  Your energy is frequently low or easily depleted.

●  Your life lacks a sense of meaning, purpose or direction.

●  Your own self-care often falls to the bottom of your to-do list.​​

●  Living life reactively feels tiring and you’re ready to adopt proactive habits to create the life you desire.


Moving from ideas to action isn’t easy. The best of our intentions seem to get lost in the demands of the day, and we find ourselves wandering in a sea of distraction. Life change is just hard to do alone. Here’s where the support and accountability of a coach​ can make all the difference!

A ​compassionate​ coach invites and ​listens to your thoughts and hopes​, gently guides the conversation in a positive direction, inspires growth in both confidence and clarity, and helps you develop compelling action steps to achieve your goals.

A ​skillful​ coach ​clears the way for you​ to create your vision and enables you to identify and close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be.

An ​authentic​ coach is an ​advocate​ for you to reclaim vibrant living, creates a supportive environment, and ​walks with you​ through the transformational space of change.

​And a ​committed​ coach provides accountability by ​sticking with you​ while you practice and integrate your new habits for lifelong health. Through this partnership of ideas and accountability, you are able to cultivate the life you envision living.


●  Balance daily work-life rhythm

●  Restore or improve a relationship

●  Tame your inner critic

●  Move through a time of transition

●  Cultivate resilience in your life

●  Implement new parenting strategies

●  Choose a new direction

●  Replace outdated habits with life-affirming choices

●  Free yourself from fear, anger, or limiting beliefs​​

… you are not alone. Life change is something we all desire but often struggle to achieve. If you’re feeling conflicted by living a life that doesn’t celebrate your values, I can help you to redesign a more congruent lifestyle.

Each moment of your life is a gift — an opportunity to learn, see and evolve. Expanding your point of view can help you to see the possibilities in front of you and move beyond your resistance. Owning your process by getting back into the driver’s seat of your life, with an experienced and trusted partner by your side, will move you in the direction of the life you deserve.

I view coaching as an equal partnership in which my primary role is to objectively guide and encourage your growth toward the healthiest version of you. Mindfully navigating the challenges that life change brings has provided me a broader perspective, valuable coping tools, a resilient spirit, and the capacity to live my life with joy. My hope is to share these blessings in ways that inspire others.

My approach is compassionate, wholehearted, non-judgmental, and results-driven. Because reaching for a better life can feel uncomfortable, I strive to create an inviting space of trust that both challenges and compels you. I will partner with you — as your transforming life unfolds bit by bit — to replace unhealthy habits with mindful choices that align with your values.

When was the last time someone invested the time and energy you deserve to really listen to you? Infused with 16 years of coaching wisdom, I will actively listen to your story. I will support you to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease and clarity and blend experience with practical tools in best-for-you proportions to help you shift your narrative toward inspired action and well-being. Isn’t it time to get unstuck by eliminating the barriers between you and the life you deserve to lead? ​

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Blooming into your best self is entirely within your reach.

Let’s work on it TOGETHER!


Sheryl Melanson ​BA, CHC, NCTTP is a certified health and lifestyle coach​ ​who inspires people to transform limiting habits into mindful choices that express their values. Her coaching enthusiasm is shaped by an instinctive curiosity for what propels people toward potential, and a sincere delight in partnering with extraordinary people on their path to self-discovery. She is a Boston College alum who has also lived and worked in London, Oregon, Hawaii and Maine. In her free time, she loves to dance, kayak, listen to people’s stories, and explore the sights, sounds and smells of her seaside town.